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Emmaus Christian School is located in the established, leafy, northern suburb of Dicsmartphone versionkson, Canberra, ACT. We provide quality Christian Education in a caring environment.

Our school was established in 1997 and Emmaus has a strong focus on building a community where parents and teachers work together to develop the whole child. Emmaus Christian School is registered for International Students (CRICOS Provider #03310F) and also a member of the CEN (Christian Education National www.cen.edu.au.) network, to find out more about Emmaus explore our website and organise a tour.

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Wednesday 25 March 2015

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Why Emmaus

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Hello from Mr Marshall

Mr Paul Marshall - Principal Welcome to our school, thank you for taking the time to find the best school for your child. We invite you to explore our website to find out more about Emmaus Christian School. Children, parents and staff  love it here at Emmaus and we look forward to the possibility that you will become a part of what God is doing here too. I invite you to watch or read the latest Principal Matters.

Mr Paul Marshall – Principal

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Our Name

road to emmaus

Our Name

The Bible in Luke 24 speaks of two men travelling along the road to Emmaus after the death of Jesus.  They could have walked and talked for days and never gotten rid of their disappointment.

‘As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them.’ (Luke 24.15)

As Jesus spoke, their hearts burned as they heard Him teach the Scriptures.  The transformation was complete. The mourners became teachers and shared the good news with others.  Emmaus aims to share this same life changing news of relationship with Jesus to its students.

Our History

our historyOur History

Our school was established in 1997 by an enthusiastic group of parents who were keen for educational options in North Canberra. They started the North Canberra Christian Education Association in mid 1996. Emmaus Christian School commenced in January 1997 with 88 pupils. The opportunity to use this site was a catalyst in attracting more families to the school. Prior to that, this site was a Catholic school for boys (Daramalan Junior School) for many years and before that it was the St Brigid’s Primary School run by the Brigidine nuns from the 1960′s. We grew to 125 pupils in 1998, each year committed to a class size of as close to 25 as we could feasibly manage. This remains one of the Board’s central goals. In 1999 we grew to 175 pupils – the maximum we plan to have on our current site in primary school. A small school like Emmaus, is a place where all the children and teachers know each other. Despite our small size we are financially viable. In 2002, we purchased the school site from the Catholic Church, St Brigid’s Parish and in that year we had a ‘Celebration Ceremony’ to commemorate the acquisition of the site. We have enjoyed an excellent cooperative relationship with the Parish, who were very happy to have our school continue on the site. Also during 2002, our Secondary School was established with a Year 7/8 class. In 2003, we added a Year 9 class and in 2004, a Year 10 class giving us our full compliment of Year levels for our Secondary School. To commence the 2004 school year, we moved into our newly constructed Secondary building, which is housed on the Wilshire Street side of the school grounds. We continue to seek the best possible teachers, curriculum and facilities for our students as we partner with parents to give an excellent education and mentoring within a Christian worldview school and community.

Our Vision & Mission


Our desire is to assist parents in the nurture of their children, providing a Christ-centred, biblically grounded, culturally engaging and academically rigorous education which equips children to live for God’s glory.


1. To provide a quality, affordable Christian education in a small, nurturing Christian school community. 2. To partner with like-minded Christian parents in their God-given duty and right to educate and train their children. Our school is not restricted to practicing Christians, but all must respect our Christian ethos. Emmaus takes opportunities to educate parents in parenting skills and Christian Education methods.

3. We strive to honour God by operating our school to teach within a Christian worldview. Our educational philosophy is that honest rational thinking, a consistent epistemology and worldview, equitable and reliable values, right human relations successfully enduring human society, and environmental balance, are only possible with the assumption of an intelligent creator (‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’ – Proverbs 1:7)

4. To pray, read the Bible, worship, and speak about Christian Faith as a regular and natural part of life.

5. Our Statement of Christian faith declares: The Lord God is one; that God made all people in His own image and in our sin we have fallen short of His glory; that Jesus died as a substitutionary sacrifice; that the Holy Spirit leads people to God; the Bible was written by people inspired by God; the Church is His body on earth, our commission is to spread the news of God’s plan and to love God with all our heart and to love others.

Our Statement of Faith

statement of faithStatement of Faith

  • The Lord God is one – Father, Son & Holy Spirit. He fulfills His purposes in creation, revelation, redemption, judgment, and the coming of His Kingdom. He calls people to be united with Himself and with each other in love.
  • God made all people in His own image, which gives us dignity and worth. But since the fall of man, we are born disconnected from God and in our sin we have fallen short of His glory and our estate, and are under His wrath and penalty.
  • God the Father has shown his love for us by giving Jesus Christ, His Son, for us. Born of the virgin, Mary, having lived a sinless life, Jesus died as a substitutionary sacrifice for our sin. He rose victorious over every evil including sin, sickness and death. He was taken up to be with God, His Father, and will return one day in glory and judgment.
  • The Holy Spirit leads people to God – to repent and turn to God, and makes the life and work of Christ real in the hearts of those who trust in Him. He illuminates the minds of Christians to understand Scripture, gives spiritual gifts freely, and produces evidence of His presence in their lives – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control – to be used in the service of God and others.
  • The Bible was written by people, inspired by God and has ever since been protected by God. It is hence trustworthy as our authority for faith and life.
  • The local and global networks of people who follow Christ in Christian groups and denominations comprise the Church, and the Church is His body on earth.
  • Christ commissioned His followers to spread the news of God’s plan to everyone, teaching them how to find and follow Him.
  • Christ commands us to love God with all our heart, mind and strength, and to love others through service, reconciliation, and the provision of liberty to all who are oppressed and broken-hearted, until Jesus comes again.

The Emmaus Board

boardOur Board

Emmaus Christian School is owned by the North Canberra Christian Education Association (NCCEA), which is managed by a Board. The Board must include the Principal, and the four official offices of the NCCEA: the Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, the Board can appoint sub-committees to advise on particular areas/issues. Our rules of association allow for up to 12 Board members, who are elected each May at the NCCEA AGM from among the members of the NCCEA, for terms of up to three years.

There are no special qualifications required, other than full membership to the NCCEA – we are ordinary people doing God’s work. Board members are predominantly parents with children that attend the school. Applications for Full NCCEA Membership (giving voting rights) are available from the Office. Applications to serve as a Board Representative are also available.

Who is on your Board?

The following people comprise the members of the North Canberra Christian Education Association (NCCEA) Board – your Board:

  • Josh Thow - Chairman

    Mr Josh Thow – Board Chair

    Josh Thow -Chair, Josh works in a local IT Company and has a daughter in Primary and a son in Preschool

  • Christine Lucas Gorny- Deputy Chair, Christine is a former Primary school Deputy Principal in the ACT, and now works in education policy in the Commonwealth Department of Education; she has a son in Primary.
  • Pinghan Chua- Secretary, Pinghan works in Defence and has a daughter in Primary and another in Preschool.
  • Jamie Wells- Treasurer, Jamie works in the finance industry with a bank, and has five children attending Emmaus across Primary and Secondary.
  • Paul Marshall -Principal, Paul has had three children all attend school at Emmaus.
  • Daiv Caldwell, Daiv manages an IT portfolio for Defence and has a son and daughter in Secondary School.
  • Philip Bellard, Philip is an Engineer working for a local Civil consulting company, he has a daughter and two boys in Primary school.
  • Edmund Chakawodza, Edmund is an Occupational Therapist, he has a daughter in Secondary and a son in Primary school.

Our Board members are very happy to hear from parents on any school-related issue. Each May, new Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting, so if you are or someone you know is interested to learn more about a position on the Board, contact a Board member!

Our School Song

School Song “The Spirit of the King”


Our minds can take us far
The rest is in our hearts
And God can use our own imaginations
All people – old and young
Have a road to travel on
A journey led by hope and inspiration
There’s nothing ordinary
In the living of each day
There’s a special part 
For all of us to play
Feel the flame forever burn
Teaching lessons we must learn
To bring us closer to
The Spirit of the King
As we search for Truth and Care
Climb every mountain that we dare 
It is the Spirit of the King
That leads us on
It is the Spirit of the King
That leads us on.
Listen to the school song tune SCHOOL SONG.mp3 (2.02 MB)

Our School Poem


School Poem “The Spirit of Emmaus”

We at Emmaus….
Speak and work with purpose and honesty,
hear and understand God and his people,
dream big dreams, are open and receptive.
Teachers who….
are full of enthusiasm and fun,
watch it spill over and catch on,
respect, trust and care,love children.
Students who….
look positively to their future in God’s plan,
are empowered to learn for life,
trust God and care for one another,
are lifted above the ordinary.
Together with God we…
set goals and develop the vision,
find our goals met,
encourage creativity and innovation,
see results beyond our expectations.

1Why Emmaus

At Emmaus, we believe preschool, primary and secondary education are supports to parents in their role of raising children. The view the NCCEA takes, which is based on the Bible verse in Deuteronomy 6:7, is that it is the privilege and responsibility of parents to raise their children. Parents may choose to pay a school to assist with the education of their children, in particular with the development of academic skills. The school is therefore in a two-way partnership with parents in the education of their children and endeavours to support, complement and enhance the efforts of parents and their relationship with their child/ren.

We believe that honest rational thinking, a consistent epistemology and worldview, equitable and reliable values, right human relations, successfully enduring human society, and environmental balance, are only possible with the assumption of an intelligent Creator. We therefore teach an excellent education within a Christian worldview.

Distinctive qualities of Emmaus

  1. A close, supportive Christian community that focuses on the needs of each student.
  2. Firm, caring discipline with an award winning social skills program called ‘Brave Talk’.
  3. Student welfare, we attend to student concerns—arguments and disputes, feelings of injustice, friendship issues and so on.
  4. Our Secondary School focuses on building confidence as well as success.
  5. Emmaus Christian School has a strong focus on building a community where parents and teachers work together to develop the whole child.
  6. Strong parent involvement. We recognize the distinction between a school and a church, and do not seek to be a church. Staff and Board members come from a variety of Christian traditions, which we honour.
  7. A strong sense and a reality of belonging by the members of school community (eg. people’s names are known). A small school automatically mean a more intimate feel and approach.
  8. Our committed and qualified Christian classroom teachers and specialists are of the highest calibre and are well liked by their students.
  9. Our leadership programmes gives Year 6 and Secondary students experiences of servant leadership.
  10. Co-educational from Preschool ( 3 & 4 year olds) to Year 10 all at one Campus with easy access for all northern Canberra suburbs.

Core Values1-Values Logo Small

As teachers we know that God is a good and loving God. He loves children and, because of this, we love kids too. We love the enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity they bring to school as Preschoolers and Kindergarteners and we work very hard to ensure these attitudes are continually nurtured throughout their school years. We believe that we can do this by:

  • Making them feel they belong and are cared for,
  • Ensuring they feel successful at school academically, emotionally, socially and physically,
  • Giving them opportunities to choose and make decisions,
  • Filling up their “emotional tanks” with lots of fun.

Academic Results

NAPLAN is the national government testing programme in which all Australian schools take part. This snapshot of our academic results is positive on a national scale as we are well above average in most areas. All our staff are trained in the most effective literacy and numeracy teaching methods – and our students’ work reflects it!Godrey sm

Yet, the true measure of a school is how well it takes students from where they sit academically in one year, and improves their results so they are higher against the average on the continuum the following year. Any average performance school can enrol above average students and keep them at an above average level over their educational years. Taking a below average student and making them an average student takes more skill!

Our goal at Emmaus is for all students to be achieving at their God-given full potential.

The development of strong and positive Christian values & character, effective social skills, and generous community service attitudes are also key tasks at which Emmaus excels, but which are not measured by any national test.

Click on each heading to find out the answers…

Q: Do you have to be a Christian to send your child to Emmaus?

mosaicNo, but you have to be happy to let your child be taught from a Christian worldview perspective, and to be exposed to and join in with a variety of Christian-related activities including singing and worship, prayer, celebrations (inc Christmas and Easter).

Our Christian worldview perspective begins with our Vision, Mission & Statement of Faith, and we aim to have a majority of children from church-attending Christian families in order to maintain our culture of faith, hope and love.

We can achieve far more as a community when there is common unity – and this is what a faithful walk in Christ produces in each person.

Q: What denomination/church is the school associated with?

christian symbolWe are not associated with one denomination or church. Our teaching staff comes from a range of churches including Baptist, Pentacostal, Catholic, Anglican, and Presbyterian.

In matters of faith, we focus only on the basic Christian Gospel – as outlined in our Statement of Faith. Any matters that may see variations between the churches are referred back to Mum and Dad for further discussion at home and church.

Q: Christian content?

road to emmausEach class holds devotions in the morning before commencing class work. There are no formal chapel or religious education periods at Emmaus. Instead, the approach taken is one of example from staff, and a Christian world-view is integrated into the whole curriculum.

Q: What age can a child start school?

Children start Preschool at age 3 (part-time), and start full-time school (our Kindergarten in the ACT) at age 5. As a general rule, we require children to have turned 5 by the 31 December before their Kindergarten year.

Q: Why Christian Schools?

why christian educationIf you have questions about the role of Christian Schools and Christian Education go to www.whychristianschools.com.au or check out their videos on YouTube.

Q: How many students are at Emmaus?

slider4Our student numbers are approximately 330 in total, with around 200 in Primary, 120 in Secondary, and 40 in Preschool/PreKinder.

Q: Are uniforms compulsory?

Yes, for more details see our Uniforms area.584_original

Q: Are there plans to go to Years 11 and 12?

Not at this stage. Our graduationg Year 10 students go to a range of Colleges.

Q: Are there any plans to grow the school?

2Yes. As part of the Board’s strategy to ensure the health and best outcomes of our secondary school, we are allowing our Year 5 and 6 classes to grow. Year 5 currently has 29 students, with an allowance of time from a Learning Assistant to ensure students receive any individual assistance required. Year 6 currently caters to 35 students with two teachers, with the possibility of splitting into two classes should the need arise.

This will ensure that, after the usual loss of a couple of Year 6 students out of Emmaus, we are still left with a healthy number of Emmaus primary students transitioning into our secondary school at the end of each year. Year 7 will be double streamed from 2014.

With the increases to these classes, we will aim to keep our student to adult ratio low by allocating extra Teacher or Learning Assistant personnel, as part of our plan to ensure that our standards of classwork, teacher comfort and personal instruction for each student remain excellent.

Q: What is the school’s bullying policy?

Big breakfast too (5)We don’t tolerate it. We take student complaints very seriously and each incident is followed through, whether it is a case of a student trying to exclude another from a game, to ridiculing another student, to verbal or physical abuse. Students are trained to handle conflict and disagreement in a positive manner.

Q: How are talented students catered for in a small school situation?

hands_writing17A small school is a perfect place for particularly gifted students, because we are able to flexibly create new groupings and activities as needed. We currently have extension groups for students from Yr 2 to Yr 10, for example. For example we have had a gifted mathematician in Yr 6 who was doing Advanced Yr 9 level work.

Q: Is after school care available for working families?

after school careYes, follow this link for more information Emmaus After School Care.

Q: What is PIP (Parent Involvement Plan)?

working-beeEmmaus encourages parents to be involved with their child’s education and school life generally, as this benefits the student as well as the school. We are a small school and need our parents to help us keep our running costs at a reasonable level. This involvement is formalised through our Parent Involvement Programme(PIP). PIP is designed to encourage all parents to offer practical assistance to the school in a variety of areas. See PIP – Parent Involvement Programme for more details.

Overview of School Facilities Upgrades

Our new Administration Area has been officially opened. The old administration area is in the process of being turned into a designated area for Learning Assistance classes and activities. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Recent Facilities Updates:

  • New Art Room
  • New Administration Area
  • Canteen
  • Cooling Upgrade
  • Drama/ Music Room
  • Edmodo
  • Food Technology Room
  • Gymnasium/Indoor Sports Centre (Available for Hire)
  • Landscaping and Shade structure for Secondary Courtyard
  • Library
  • Multi Purpose Courts
  • Mobile Computer Lab – Mac laptops and Ipads
  • New PE store for Primary
  • Rain water tank installation
  • Security fencing
  • Science Laboratory
  • Shaded Play Equipment Primary
  • Solar Panels
  • Sports Oval
  • Woodwork Room

Solar Power System

Our school’s Solar Power System is now switched on! What’s more, we can all view its performance from soloar panelsthe web whenever we like – although we might not see much happening after dark… If you would like to see what contribution your school is making to reducing our energy demands, you can do so by going to: www.sunnyportal.com. There, you will be asked for your Username, which is our school’s special solar email address: emmaussolar@gmail.com and Password, which is: hubozofu. From there you can explore the menu items. The Visualisation section is an easy way to see exactly what is happening. Both the Plant Overview and Energy and Power pages are very interesting. As I type, we are on track to reduce our electricity bill this year by hundreds of dollars, which is excellent! So we thank the Lord for providing the money – using a government grant to do so – to reduce the amount of electricity we are needing from the normal electricity grid, which primarily comes from burning coal. God wants us to care for His creation the way a gardener cares for his garden – reaping the fruits, but respecting the way it is put together so that future generations can also enjoy its beauty and bounty, giving thanks to God for the wonderful way everything has been put together. PM top

Cooling Upgradefan

In 2010 we completed the installation on evaporative cooling to core class rooms. Now Preschool, Primary and Secondary can enjoy a cooler environment during the hot summer months. top


Edmodo is our online learning environment to connect students with their classes via the internet. Students are given class codes from their teacher to enrol in each class they need. Contact the individual teachers if you have any questions. It is important that each student joins the class promptly as the enrolment codes will expire. top  


Welcome to the new Library. In 2010 our Library moved into its lovely new home, the bright larger area of the new Library allows several class to use the space at one time. A whole class (28) can be seated in the research area, and part of the upgrade has included Come and visit Mrs Morris (our librarian) on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes or as part your scheduled class visit. the addition of two small retreat / learning assistance rooms. We also love our ‘reading nooks’ and after hours return chute.Library photos (2)

Students may borrow 3 books at a time for a loan period of 1 week. Primary students have library cards, while secondary students use their Student ID cards. top

Gymnasium/Emmaus Sports Centre

2010 Our amazing indoor sports centre has just been complete, incorporating timber flooring, heating & cooling, kitchen, toilets and shower, climbing frames and bleachers. This centre is a great blessing to our school and was made possible as part of the Building Ed ucation Revolution scheme.

Available For Hire:266_album

Emmaus Sports Centre is available for hire. Our state of the art facility is available at reasonable rates for community groups to hire. The Centre is currently used by numerous sporting groups and if you are interested, you are welcome to discuss rates and availability with the school office on 6247 7151. Please note that availability is subject to school functions and the current hiring schedule. top

Sports Oval

Our Sports oval is located within the school grounds and is kept green using our automated irrigation system with rainwater. The field includes a cricket pitch, practice nets, long jump pit and new goal posts have been installed this year 2010. top

Oval sm

Multi Purpose Courts

Our fully fenced multi purpose courts are located in the Secondary school but is used by all students on a roster system. The courts can be used for a large variety of sports including soccer, netball, basketball, tennis and volleyball. top

Playground Equipment

Located on the edge of the oval, our large play equipment is very popular with students. At recess and lunch Primary has exclusive use of the equipment which is protected by a large shade structure and has soft fall beneath. top

Landscaping and Shade for the Secondary Courtyard

IMG_9116The Secondary coutyard has under gone a major facelift, some of the improvements include:

  • large shade structure and shade sails,
  • landscaping with sandstone feature walls,
  • paving
  • turfing and
  • planting of shade trees

This provides a relaxing space for Secondary students to enjoy there lunch breaks. top

Woodwork Room

Our wood work room has under a major upgrade and now includes a separate machine shop with fume extraction. An extension has been completed to the store area allowing easy delivery of goods and much needed storage space. WoodwoGodrey smrk is offered as a subject from Year 5 onwards. top

Science Laboratory

Our Secondary school has a purpose built Science laboratory and chemical prep room. Our wonderful science teachers are assisted by our part time lab technician. Our lab is equiped with 6 workstations for carrying out experiments and an overhead mirror for better viewing of teacher demonstations. top

Food Technology

Part of the Secondary school expansion included the addition of our Food Tech room. This room is equipped with six cooking bays for students, this room equipped to commercial standards. top430_album

Drama and Music Room

Our former Library has now become the Drama/ Music room for Secondary. This area is set up with class set of keyboards and guitars and is also home to our bands. There is plenty of floor space to use during drama sessions. This room is also used for private intrument tuition after school   top


Lunch orders are available on Fridays on a prepaid order basis, with orders being due in by Thursday mornings at 9.00am. Canteen Menu Lists are available from the Front Office and here Canteen. The Lunch Order Box is in the hallway outside the Front Office 3window. The Canteen is open on Fridays at both breaks for over-the-counter sales of drinks, iceblocks and snacks. Canteen Special Lunch Items are offered regularly – advertised by on the school website each week and with signs on the Canteen door and Office window. Parent volunteers are welcome each week. A roster on which parents may indicate their availability is kept in the Front Office. top

Rainwater Tanks installation

In 2009 a series of rainwater tanks were installed, this provides water for toilets and for oval and garden irrigation systems. top

Security FencingWater tanks 2010

In 2009 our security fencing was installed, the gates a
re unlocked by staff each morning at 8.30am.

Preschool Overview


Primary Curriculum

Secondary Curriculum

School Tours

The best way to discover what makes us different is to come on a school tour. Prospective families are welcome to contact our Enrolments Registrar to make an appointment for a tour of our School and an interview. For information about current places available at Emmaus, please contact the enrolments officer  Mrs Abbi Naude

Enrolments & Fees

As we offer a closely linked & integrated education program from Preschool to Year 10, and because we value Christian Education from an early age, children attending Emmaus Preschool have priority of access into the Primary school (as do our Year 6 students entering into our Secondary School). Prospective families are welcome to contact our Enrolments Registrar to make an appointment for a tour of our School and an interview. To register for Preschool, Primary or Secondary School, simply fill in and return to our School Office the Registration Form (find attached), along with the appropriate registration fee. For information about current places available at Emmaus, please contact the school directly. We continue to strive for high quality Christian based education, on a low as practicable fee basis. Emmaus is still able to offer excellent value for money and have the lowest fees of any independent (non-Catholic) school in Canberra. Please note the following fees are for Australian residents only. International students should view the ‘International Students’ page. We trust you find the best school for your child. We pray it will be here at Emmaus.


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