Celebrating 20 Years: 1997 to 2017

Distinctive qualities of Emmaus

  1. A close, supportive Christian community that focuses on the needs of each student.crop oval
  2. Firm, caring discipline with an award winning social skills program called ‘Brave Talk’.
  3. Student welfare, we attend to student concerns—arguments and disputes, feelings of injustice, friendship issues and so on.
  4. Our Secondary School focuses on building confidence as well as success.
  5. Emmaus Christian School has a strong focus on building a community where parents and teachers work together to develop the whole child.
  6. Strong parent involvement. We recognize the distinction between a school and a church, and do not seek to be a church. Staff and Board members come from a variety of Christian traditions, which we honour.
  7. A strong sense and a reality of belonging by the members of school community (eg. people’s names are known). A small school automatically mean a more intimate feel and approach.
  8. Our committed and qualified Christian classroom teachers and specialists are of the highest calibre and are well liked by their students.
  9. Our leadership programmes gives Year 6 and Secondary students experiences of servant leadership.
  10. Co-educational from Preschool ( 3 & 4 year olds) to Year 10 all at one Campus with easy access for all northern Canberra suburbs.