Celebrating 20 Years: 1997 to 2017

Q & A

Questions & Answers

 Q: What denomination/church is the school associated with?

We are not associated with one denomination or church. Our teaching staff comes from a range of churches including Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Anglican, and Presbyterian. In matters of faith, we focus on the Christian Gospel as outlined in our Statement of Faith. Any matters that may see variations between the churches are referred back to the authority of the parents’ teaching through discussion at home and church.

Q: Christian content?

Each class holds devotions in the morning before commencing class work. Christian world-view is integrated into the whole curriculum.

Q: What age can a child start school?

Children start Preschool at age 3 (part-time), and start full-time school (our Kindergarten in the ACT) at age 5. As a general rule, we require children to have turned 5 by the 31 December before their Kindergarten year.

Q: Do you have to be a Christian to send your child to Emmaus?

No, but partnering with a Christian school that provides Christian education, you implicitly approve your child to be taught from a Christian worldview, and to be exposed to and join in with a variety of Christian-related activities including singing and worship, prayer, celebrations (inc Christmas and Easter). Our Christian worldview perspective begins with our Core Purpose Statement and Values. We aim to have a majority of children from church-attending Christian families in order to maintain our culture of faith, hope and love.
We can achieve far more as a community when there is common unity – and this is what a faithful walk in Christ produces in each person.

Q: Why Christian Schools?

If you have questions about the role of Christian Schools and Christian Education go to www.whychristianschools.com.au or check out their videos on YouTube.

Q: How many students are at Emmaus?

Our student numbers are approximately 330 in total, with around 200 in Primary, 120 in Secondary, and 40 in Preschool/PreKinder.

Q: Are uniforms compulsory?

Yes, for more details see our Uniforms area.

Q: Are there plans to go to Years 11 and 12?

Not at this stage. Our graduating Year 10 students go to a range of Colleges.

Q: What is the school’s bullying policy?

We don’t tolerate it. We take student complaints very seriously and each incident is followed through, whether it is a case of a student trying to exclude another from a game, to ridiculing another student, to verbal or physical abuse. Students are trained to handle conflict and disagreement in a positive manner. See also the school’s Dispute Resolution Policy.

Q: How are talented students catered for in a small school situation?

A small school is a perfect place for particularly gifted students, because we are able to flexibly create new groupings and activities as needed. We currently have extension groups for students from Year 2 to Year 10. For example we have had a gifted mathematician in Year 6 who was doing Advanced Year 9 level work.

Q: Is After School Care available for working families?

Yes, through an external provider called Sherpa-kids.

Q: What is PIP (Parent Involvement Plan)?

Emmaus encourages parents to be involved with their child’s education and school life generally, as this benefits the student as well as the school. We are a small school and need our parents to help us keep our running costs at a reasonable level. This involvement is formalised through our Parent Involvement Plan (PIP). PIP is designed to encourage all parents to offer practical assistance to the school in a variety of areas. See PIP Policy more details.