Celebrating 20 Years: 1997 to 2017

Parents Association

PARENTS ASSOCIATION and SCHOOL BOARD : North Canberra Christian Education Association (NCCEA)

The School Association is the parent body at Emmaus Christian School and meets once per term to discuss and resolve issues of importance to parents and to ‘interface’ with the School Board.

Annual General Meeting NCCEA

The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held in Term 2.  At this meeting, there is a Chair’s Report, a Treasurer’s Report on the previous year’s financial results, and election of Board members.

All parents are Associate (non-voting) members of the Association, via a nominal fee paid at the beginning of the year with first term fees. To become a Full Member (with voting rights), parents need to provide a written pastoral reference from their church to the Board for approval. It is from Full Members, the candidates for the Board can be nominated. The elections of new Board representatives occur at the AGM in May each year. If you are interested in becoming a Full Member or Board representative, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact the School Office for details.

Board Meetings

School Board representatives meet together on a regular basis to discuss matters of policy relevant to Emmaus Christian School and other items of business of the North Canberra Christian Education Association. Parents are welcome to attend but prior arrangements should be made, as some issues may be appropriate for Board member discussion only.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

These are held twice a year in Terms 1 and 3. This is an opportunity to discuss any concerns/needs and your child’s progress with his/her teacher.

Parent Meetings

Attendance at school meetings is encouraged, and parents are entitled to 1 hour of PIP points for their attendance. A number of meetings are held during the year that provide an opportunity for parents to have their say and to find out what is happening at the School and within the Association.

Whole School Parent Association Meetings

These are held twice a year and include:

1. A Whole School Parent Association meeting where the Board advises Association members on the status of, and relevant plans for, the School. Association meetings are for all parents (Preschool, Primary and Secondary), although only Full Association Members can vote at these meetings. The Board presents matters of interest to the parent body, and then questions are invited from the floor. To include an agenda item, contact the School Office (by phone, email, or in writing) two weeks prior to the meeting.

2. A presentation on a topic of educational interest by School Executive Staff or an external presenter.

3. Following the Whole School Parent Association meeting, three meetings may be held simultaneously in the Preschool, Primary and Secondary departments. These are informal opportunities for parents to discuss issues specific to each department. Note that an agenda is followed and only issues on the agenda prior to the meeting are discussed. To include an agenda item, contact the School Office (by phone, email, or in writing) no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting. If no agenda items are forthcoming, the Board may choose to cancel the meeting.

On alternate occasions, the meetings discussed at 3. above may be scheduled on separate nights (dates advised in an email from the School Office) to allow families who have children in more than one area of the school to attend each meeting.