Celebrating 20 Years: 1997 to 2017

Parents Who Pray

PARENTS WHO PRAY meet Each Friday of the School Term @ 9:00am

Are you looking for an opportunity to praise and thank God for our wonderful school? 

Are you looking to connect with other parents to pray for the needs of our staff, board members, parents and students? 

If so, please come along to pray together on Friday mornings after drop off.  As parents who pray together we can support each other and our whole community. 

We gather near the front office and usually pray together in the boardroom.  The added bonus is your time at prayer group can be recorded as PIP! 

If you can’t make it on a Friday, but would like to be involved on another day, please let the front office know and we may be able to have two groups meeting. 

If you are new to the Emmaus community, you are especially welcome, it would be wonderful to have as many people involved as possible.

If you have a prayer request, please place them in the marked (locked) prayer mail box outside the old Canteen. We can then pray for you, confidentially or collectively. Prayer makes a difference!