Celebrating 20 Years: 1997 to 2017

WWVP – Working with Vulnerable People Card

wwvpREMINDER: Any parents who come in to assist in our classrooms and have contact with our students must: 

  •         Have a valid Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) card; and 
  •         Only work in a class where they have a child of their own – unless by special arrangement.

We love having our community members (eg, parents, grandparents) help here at Emmaus Christian School. If you are planning on volunteering at Emmaus, please note that we need our volunteers to have –

  1. Given a copy of their Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) Card to the School Office
  2. Carry their WWVP card with them at all times
  3. Sign in at the School Office on arrival
  4. Read & Adhere to the Work Safety Guidelines (copy is located next to the sign in book)
  5. Wear a Visitors Badge at all times when on Emmaus School grounds
  6. Sign out at the School Office when leaving

 Any parents working at School, or involved with School excursions/camps, etc., need to always carry their WWVP cards with them so that it can be produced immediately should the Department of Regulatory Services conduct a ‘spot check’. An ‘on the spot’ fine applies in the event your card is not able to be shown.

Unfortunately, those parents who have submitted their form, but have not yet received their card, are unable to take part as assistants in school activities until such time as you have received your card. (Receipts of Lodgement will no longer suffice.) For more details about a WWVP card follow this link.