• NAPLAN is the national government benchmark testing in which all Australian schools take part. This snapshot of our academic results is positive on a national scale as we are well above average in most areas. All our staff are trained in the most effective literacy and numeracy teaching methods ? and our students? work reflects it.
  • Yet, the true measure of a school is how well it takes students from where they sit academically in one year, and improves their results so they are higher against the average on the continuum the following year. Any average performance school can enrol above average students and keep them at an above average level over their educational years. Taking a below average student and making them an average student takes more skill.
  • Our goal at Emmaus is for all students to be achieving at their God-given full potential.
  • The development of strong and positive Christian values & character, effective social skills, and generous community service attitudes are also key tasks at which Emmaus excels, but which are not measured by any national test.
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