Believe in a gospel-led education with Emmaus

At Emmaus Christian School Canberra, we seek to provide each student with the opportunity to grow in their skills and understanding, academically, socially, physically and spiritually.

We believe that parents are ultimately responsible to God for the education of their children, and feel privileged to partner with parents in that process.

Our teachers aim to deliver an excellent academic education, delivering the content of the Australian curriculum through a Christian worldview. We endeavour to see our students as individuals with gifts and talents to be developed and nurtured, and we understand that students in a single grade or class may have a widely varying range of abilities.

Consequently, our classroom teachers and learning support staff work hard to differentiate learning in ways that will enable all of our students to participate, learn and grow.

To achieve the best outcomes in our delivery of a 21st century teaching and learning program, we have structured the school according to chronological age grouping of P3 and P4 (Preschool), Junior Primary in Years Kindy -2 and Primary through Years 3-5 (Primary), Middle School in Years 6-8 and Senior School in Years 9-10 (Secondary).

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