About the Preschool

Emmaus Preschool is a very special place, we believe that Preschool education begins when children turn three. They have moved beyond a self-focused toddler stage and are developing a keenness to explore their world and extend their social group. Christian education at this stage is imperative as at this age children are just beginning to develop their own sense of what is right and wrong, empathy for others, and moral reasoning.

We offer 3 and 4 year old children their first experience of engaging, enjoyable and exciting learning at Emmaus, providing both a holistic preparation for school and a seamless transition to Kindergarten.

Our program is highly individualised to extend each child to their full potential in the physical, emotional, social and intellectual areas. Our program also links with the "Key Learning Areas" common to all schools, ensuring a balance in the experiences your child will have.

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Learning approach

We believe that play based learning inspires and enhances the natural curiosity, creativity and imagination of early learners, providing endless opportunities to create a rich and varied learning environment, full of opportunities for active engagement in exploration, discovery and learning. This helps build healthy dispositions towards learning, laying a foundation for future school success. By basing our program on the interests and ideas of the children, we promote the high levels of involvement and intrinsic motivation that result in "deep level" learning and enhanced learning outcomes.

We consider meaningful relationships both a gift from God to be treasured and an essential component of effective early learning. By cultivating close and caring relationships between staff, parents and children, we aim to build a community of early learners where children feel loved, safe, secure and appreciated. The high value we put on ensuring the wellbeing of children also includes helping them to develop the social skills that enable them to thrive in a group environment, an absolute essential for school success.

We believe that play based learning requires an unhurried approach that allows children to become immersed in their play experiences and a relaxed atmosphere where children can operate at their own pace.